Order and purpose out of the chaos???


‘I will instruct you…in the way you should go.’
Psalms 32:8 

‘Mother Teresa didn’t set out searching for fame; it found her. She simply went to India, found a need no one else was meeting, heard the call of God, allowed her heart to be consumed by it, and ministered to multitudes of the world’s most neglected and forgotten people in the slums of Calcutta. One of her most famous slogans was, ‘A life not lived for others is not a life at all.’ Let’s face it; much of what we do each day doesn’t seem to matter until it’s evaluated as part of a larger picture. When you take the minutiae of any given day, drop it into the cauldron of a God-ordained vision and stir it around, suddenly there’s purpose, worth, adrenaline and the joy that comes from knowing you’re fulfilling your destiny. It’s like the difference between filling bags with dirt and building a dyke to save a town. There’s nothing glamorous about filling sandbags, but saving a town from the ravages of a flood is another matter entirely. Building a dyke gives meaning to the drudgery of shoveling dirt into sandbags. And it’s like that with your vision. Many times the everyday routine of life can feel like shovelling dirt. But take those same routines and view them through the lens of a God-given purpose, and suddenly everything looks very different. Vision brings your world into focus. It brings order and purpose out of chaos. It enables you to see everything in a fresh light. And the good news is that God is the giver of visions—so ask Him for one!’

-Word for Today

Lately, I feel as though my life is rather mundane caught up in the everyday routine. Feeding babies, putting babies to sleep, bathing babies, feeding babies and feeding some more…on top of that I still have to be a good mother to Reyna… It’s hard to see the bigger picture or to see my God-given purpose in all this. Where’s order and purpose in the everyday noisiness and chaos I feel?


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