Introducing our 5 Chun family


Our two new offspring. How amazing is this! Still cannot quite believe it. I never thought of having more than two kids and here God has blessed us with two more. We never planned it nor do we have twins in either of our families, so it makes me believe wholeheartedly that this is only God’s work and none other. There must be a reason God wants us to have 3 children and not just 2. Whatever the reason I pray God makes it known to us.

I honestly feel so desperately inadequate as a mum, and to think that I will become the mother of 3 gets me worried. I know I can’t do it. Even raising 1 is too much for me. I pray God equips me with lots of love, patience and wisdom enough to raise them. It’s not going to be easy but with God by our side, watching over us I know that we will be able to focus on what a huge blessing this is rather than only thinking about how tough it is. Lord help us and guide us to be good, wise and Godly parents!



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