Hoping against hope…praying against hope…

Students holding up messages of hope for missing classmates of Danwon High School

Students holding up messages of hope for missing classmates of Danwon High School

A few days ago a S Korean ferry capsized and sunk into the ocean near Jeju Island…

There are still around 270 people missing, mostly high school students.

The immensity of this disaster is too overwhelming and painful.

I can’t imagine how those parents must be feeling…having a child of my own…my heart goes out for them..

for the parents and family…for those young souls…

I ask God…why??! They are only children! So young! Just in their youth! Why Lord, why?!

It seems too cruel that they should be taken away from their parents at so young an age…

I cannot even begin to understand this. All I can do is pray and cry with them. I cry  for my fellow Koreans. Cry for the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents…

I just cannot hold back the tears when I think of all those young lives lost and the parents who have to live the rest of their lives in this world without them. Their whole lives must have been dedicated and sacrificed for them…I know how Korean parents can be like…they rely on their children so much. They sacrifice just about all they have to educate, clothe and feed their children. Now what for them? Only utter emptiness. Wondering what they have been living for all this time? How futile and utterly hopeless life must seem to them right now. All of that gone in a split second. It just seems so unfair.

I ask the question, ‘where can we see God’s glory in this world?’ ‘How are we to find your glory in this?’ ‘Where’s your light, Lord?’ Please come and rescue us! Let your glorious light and splendour be revealed, even in this utterly hopeless, dark, sordid situation! Please show your favour and love to your people! Be close to those families who are holding onto any last bit of hope. Be with the lives of those who are trapped in that ferry…if they are alive please be beside them and carry them out to safety…

Jesus, I think of how you must have suffered…how you were shamed and stripped of your dignity…you tasted bitter suffering, pain, hardship, rejection and death. Jesus be beside these people as one who suffered so much more pain and be the source of comfort. Lord Jesus Christ…we need you now…enter our hurting and hopeless world and touch it with life. May people turn their faces to you, their trust to you and their lives to you.





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